This is the first week since…

pumpkins fall

…. the first day of Fall 2014 that the weather feels like FALL.  Time to pull out the oversized sweaters, knocking around boots and cosy skirts!  Also time to snuggle up for quality reading time.  Without further ado, here are the Thursday Interview links…

  • Lately when confronted with a personal or professional challenge, I find myself trying to tap into empathy.  Because it’s too easy to get so caught up in a narrative that is self-serving and short-sighted, remembering empathy is a path to the hard work of pulling head out of ass.  Super glad to have a helpful roadmap. [unstuck]
  • “You can’t have fun if you don’t feel safe.”  That’s the mission behind the new dating app Siren where women have more control over the dating process.  Both sexes are guilty of sending genatalia photos without warning, but men do it more often.  Siren helps to avoid that occurrence by moving the focus away from the visual and quest of immediate gratification to an energy that’s a bit more rooted in emotional and intellectual chemistry. Artist Susie Lee shares the path that fueled the creation of the app and how her life as an artist informed the process. [city arts]

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