Goodbye February, Hello March and Thursday Interview links….

Today’s mood….

Oh February! What a rollercoaster ride it was! The month included….


I try to be clear in all my communications, most of the time. Being human, I sometimes muck it up. But when mercury is in retrograde, I feel like the chances of a missed meeting or miscommunication increases tenfold. Last month, I missed a Skype meeting, screwed up a meeting time, forgot to return an important phone call.  The disconnect between intention and action thwarted me but didn’t stop me.  It’s a lesson in how to apologize after a mishap to move forward.


I was really happy to attend the book launch for Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence by Erica Dhawan and Saj-nicole A. Joni because co-author Erica Dhawan shared her take on the three types of connectors: thinkers, enablers and connection executors.  I’m loving the breakdown and the chance to see how these types of connectors overlap in my day to day life.


I am a big fan of taking intangible ideas and figuring out a way to execute them.  Lately, I’ve been taking some time to hang out and not obsess about plans, metrics, results. It is a challenge  to rest without seeking an immediate intention of doing. But I am grateful for what I am learning.  From visiting a BNI  meeting, thanks to a gracious invite from business coach Justine Clay to attending a Spark Manhattan session for small business owners who want to expand their client base, it’s been refreshing to hear what is working and not working when it comes to launching and sustaining a business. The narratives run the gamut from giddy excitement to deep frustration, from a place of genuine honesty and clarity. Looking forward to listening more and seeing what happens next.  Stay tuned.

And now it’s time for the Thursday Interview links:

It doesn’t matter what this article says, I do read articles before I share them.
You Won’t Finish This Article [Slate]

Yes, sometimes popularity beats out quality. Not all the time, though.
Hashtag Blessed: Music’s Unfortunate Social Media Side Hustle [Medium]

“We’ve traded access for accountability. We’re not asking enough difficult questions because we’re too in awe of celebrity, fame and money, and it shows in our work. Perhaps worst of all, most reporters are too lazy to leave their computers to report, and with their production quotas so high, they’re now more churnalists than journalists.” A-f**king-men.
The Real Problem With Journalism in 2015 [Medium]

2016 goal, baby.
From Brooklyn to Santorini – How One Woman Works From Anywhere in the World [Powertofly]

For the fans of awesome and free.
300 awesome free things: A massive list of free resources you should know [The Next Web]

Happy reading!


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