Goodbye to saying good luck.

Recently, a friend was prepping for a pitch meeting. This wasn’t his first time pitching his TV show concept or meeting with the studio, but he was still nervous.  My first thought to calm him was to text him good luck.  Second thought was stop being so unimaginative.

Lately, telling someone good luck has started to mean the opposite of showing that I care about someone and their hopes, dreams and journeys.  Saying ‘good luck’ stopped conveying meaning, compassion or thoughtfulness.  In that moment with my very good friend,  good luck felt like a brush off. The emotional equivalent of giving someone a Twinkie when what they need is a meal. I could do better for him, right?

And I did.

And he was surprised and grateful.

I will be practicing not saying or writing good luck to anyone.  I will make every effort to share something heartfelt and honest instead of the word filler that has lost meaning due to overuse.

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