The Week Ahead, May 18: Negotiation Secrets, Building Community, @thisisstory Pitch Night

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Last week, I had the lovely fortune take a peek at the DNA of Story and Mashable, two companies that offer an innovative take on their industries of retail and news, respectively.

Story is “retail media”, curating its product selection with an editorial focus on a rotating basis.  One month, the theme may be Made in America and another month it’s Wellness.  Owner Rachel Schectman’s approach to Story as a  ‘living discovery platform’ means shoppers and the insatiably curious are introduced to growing start-ups (e..g. Kiwi Crate) and re-introduced to established brands (e.g. Dress Bar at Dress Barn).  I’m addicted and will be returning on Friday for another event.

Mashable started out as a technology focused blog and has morphed into a 24/7 newsgathering machine. The company champions ‘immersive storytelling’ to connect with an audience that is allergic to CNN and the NY Times.  While many current online news platforms pride themselves on offering drive by journalism, Mashable and its small news team of five focuses on diving deep into a news story with professionalism and genuine curiosity.   Check out their Baltimore coverage after Freddie Gray’s death for additional insight.

I want to give a shout out to New Co New York for making this day of discovery possible.  Now, enjoy  this week’s event selections!

STORY Presents: Pitch Night

Secrets of Negotiating + Networking meeting
Hosted by Webgrrls

Future of Community – How Nonprofits and Businesses Are Engaging Audiences to Grow Their Impact
Hosted by Be Social Change

Happy Creating, Cultivating and Growing!

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