The Week Ahead, June 15: Networking, Negotiation and Machines

It is not officially summer but I’ve launched a summer project anyway. It’s called Project: No Eating/Imbibing Photos on Social Media.  Sounds silly but I’ve noticed that my default mode when it comes to feeding the social media content beast has meant an overreliance on close ups of ice cream, margaritas, cake.  Enough!

There will be no more food and drinks photos shared until Labor Day.  My hope is that it will force and inspire much creativity. You can keep me honest on Twitter, Instagram and of course, the blog!

Now on to the week ahead….

Monday Night Networking
Hosted by In Good Company

Negotiation Techniques for Freelancers
Hosted by Freelancers Union

New America Presents: Machines Will Not Save Us
Hosted by New America NYC

Happy Creating, Cultivating and Growing!

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