The Week That Was…


It is Friday night and I’m exhausted.

Truthbomb: I am not a morning person.

I BELIEVE that I do my best work at night. BUT I am willing to reconsider this belief…at times. For example, I showered, perfumed and wore clean clothes to attend various breakfast events.  II kept showing up on time because I knew coffee would be available at each destination.  I drank so much coffee this week, I could be a Dunkin Donuts and a Starbucks.  The week that was…

I attended a community managers meet up at RISE, an accelerator created by Barclays. My event planning brain loves exploring new spaces. There is delight in configuring the many different events that can be hosted in a space. RISE has a theater style area paired with an open plan kitchen/bar area. Super modern and flexible.  My brain was spinning in many directions in a good way.

The next day, I attended a New Co Jam Session at Managed By Q.  I did not know this company existed until this week. Managed By Q is the Task Rabbit for office cleaning and facilities management EXCEPT they are not into the contractor model like Uber and Task Rabbit.  The jam session featured key staffers from , , , ,  sharing hard core truths about startups, culture and diversity.  Takeaways:

“What gets rewarded, gets repeated.”  This is important to remember when creating any culture but especially in startup culture. Why? Because so many founders have tech expertise but lack operational and human resources insight and finesse. This blind spot can lead to hiring to bond instead of hiring with emotional intelligence and long term growth.  The values that define a company in the first two years need to have some flexibility to change in years 3, 4, hopefully 5.  What I enjoyed most is the honesty that it’s challenging to build meaning into a company.  Loveded it.

Finally, I got to check out Creative Mornings talk on Empathy.  I am a fan of empathy because if we don’t have empathy in our lives, we don’t have a life. Kevin Hunyh, Creative Mornings former COO spoke about how empathy threads his life. This is the part of me that doesn’t want to talk about how I felt but wants readers (humbled that I have readers!) to listen to the talk and share what they think.  Also it was hosted at BAM Fisher on Ashland Place. Did you know there’s a roof garden?

I do plan to post the Kevin Hunyh talk when it’s live but in the meantime, how was your week? Lively, fun, contemplative, empowering? Let me know in the comments..

*Empathy logo illustrated by Scott Biersack

Happy Creating, Cultivating and Growing!

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