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This is a reminder to review and reconnect with your LinkedIn contacts.  Joshua reached out  via LinkedIn and we started chatting. Before long,  I invited him to share his story on the blog.

Name: Joshua Teicher, Independent Creative Promo Editor/Producer

Company: Giant Films Editorial

Launch Date: Giant Films Editorial – 2006; Project Launch Date – 2021

Motto: 1. I have a quote I came across a while back….The internet says it was made by a novelist named Anna Quindlen…..”Fear is what stunts our growth, narrows our ambitions, KILLs our dreams.”

Describe a day in the life of Giant Films Editorial.
Always different! As a independent or freelance creative artist … I do everything related to my career. I have a couple of main clients that are television network and / or traditional ad agency jobs. But I spend a lot of time working out of the IFP MADE IN NEW YORK MEDIA CENTER, focusing on passion projects and marketing and growing my production and post production business.

What are the challenges to being an creative entrepreneur?
Multi-tasking and learning the business side of things. Prioritizing and delegating ideas. As a video editor, I always have to keep up with the latest technology and at the same time learn new skills. Marketing and fundraising should be separate jobs but I have to learn and execute everything!

Can you share more info about the short documentary projects you want to do focusing on your hometown Detroit?
Detroit is my home town but I have not lived there for 20 years. It is my dream to start up a production company in Detroit. My sister is a radio news reporter in Detroit.. We are currently in pre-production on some short projects about the Detroit School System. I want to be bi-coastal…East river and the Detroit river :

Are you currently fundraising for the projects? If no, will you be?
YES! I started working on a film project about the re-building of Lower Manhattan in 2008. Our vision for a honest retrospective look at a post 9/11 world. How has New York evolved? Learn how individuals, Specials Forces units, artists, politicians, politics, media, government, the Port Authority have evolved. We live in an ever changing world. How do we injest our ever speeding up lives and make honest decisions for our future? How do families absorb the past? How do we absorbed our past?

Three of us have been editing, directing and producing together on this project from the beginning.  We are working professionals and are creating this film on our own time. MANY great people have donated their time, resources and energy.  Approximately, twenty New Yorkers have signed on and agreed to be filmed.

We have a 501(c)(3) is the tax determination. given to non-profit charitable organization at the federal level. It allows donors to receive a tax deduction for supporting a public charity.

New York Foundation of the Arts‘ fiscal sponsorship enables individual artists and artist-run organizations to use NYFA’s charitable 501(c)(3) status to raise tax-deductible money through grants and individual contributions.  Currently we are focusing on our FIRST SHORT TERM GOAL OF $2000 to hire a Academy award nominated documentary script writer. So far we have raised $900.00. If you would like to donate to the film, click here.

Fast forward to April 2017, what news would you love to be sharing about Giant Films Editorial?
I am planning on restarting production for the WTC documentary working on multiple projects. I just love to make stories….shooting, writing, editing…..getting people motivated to work and moving toward more and more goals!

This is your chance to shout out to your collaborators and supporters….don’t be shy.
To anyone out there working alone in a room… getting through the day to day….staying focused and positive when you are walking through the VALLEY!

Thanks for reading!
You can connect with Joshua and Giant Films Editorial via Facebook, LinkedIn and Behance.

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