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Of course, I followed back. And I invited Grant Trahant to do a Thursday Interview. Keep reading for the Causeartist story.

Name: Grant Trahant, Creative Director/Editor

Company: Causeartist

Launch Date: December 2013

Motto: We are not defined by our mistakes, but defined by our purpose.

Describe what (or who?) inspired you to launch and the Social Good Shopping Guide & Directory
Really what inspired me were the brands and social entrepreneurs who were putting out amazing high quality products with a social impact component to them. I didn’t see many media outlets talking about them, so I wanted to be the one to do so.

What are the challenges you face balancing being a founder and graphic/web designer for small businesses?
Time. Balancing time is the most crucial thing. Prioritizing your time and projects are the most important thing I have come to learn. Quality or expedience is also a challenge. Sometimes you have fast deadlines and need to understand that the quality is more important then the deadline sometimes.

Are there any recent social good launches that excite you? Why?
I would say LSTN headphones excite me the most. They make high quality and ethical headphones that give the power of hearing to a person with hearing issues with every product sold. I have a huge love for music and I think their social good model will make a huge impact in the marketplace as well as in people’s lives.

Any future collaborations planned (maybe a Causeartist + Be Social Change networking night?)
I definitely have some in the works at the moment that I can’t quite discuss yet, but they will definitely help in making people more aware of high quality and ethical content and products.

It’s April 2017, what news would you love to be sharing about
I would love to share that we are the #1 magazine/marketplace for social entrepreneurs, social enterprises, and impact shopper.

This is your chance to shout out to your community….show your love!
Our community is awesome. We have people from all around the world who are discovering and sharing stories and products of social impact. It is great to see a community of like-minded people wanting to innovate traditional business and tradition consumer habits.

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