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As an enthusiastic coworking fan,  I was giddy with joy when Croissant app co-founder Nisha Garigarn emailed about being featured on the blog.  What’s Croissant? Keep reading.

Name: Nisha Garigarn

Company: Croissant

Launch Date: July 1, 2015

Motto: Enjoy coworking anywhere

The logo is adorable — yes, I want to butter it up.  Why the name Croissant?
We used to work from coffee shops all the time, and bought coffee and $5 croissants to not feel guilty about staying there all day. It’s so silly that we forced ourselves to buy food that we didn’t even want to eat.. just to have a place to do work! Now, instead of doing that, you can use our app Croissant instead :-).

What inspired the Croissant team (including you, Adam Chew, David Idell and Zoltan Szalas) to create the app?
The four of us were actually working together on another project at the time. We lived in different parts of NYC, so we’d arrange to meet at a coffee shop in a central Manhattan location. But every time we showed up, there were no seats available, or no outlets available… or the chairs were super uncomfortable. It was almost impossible to find a free table for four in Manhattan! We considered getting coworking memberships, but at $400 per person, it was way out of our budget. Especially since we would only get access to one location. We basically created Croissant because we were frustrated by the workspace options available. We wanted something affordable and flexible.

Describe the moment you knew Croissant would be a necessity and not a luxury.
When we first launched our app on July 1st with just three locations on the platform. Nonetheless, we started to see signups and friend referrals coming in out of nowhere. That’s when we started to realize that people really needed something like Croissant, and it really resonated with them!

Can you share the networking groups you find valuable to your professional and personal lives?
I am a part of Dreamers//Doers. It is a highly curated group of entrepreneurial women who are doing a lot of inspiring stuff. Being a founder gets lonely sometimes and it is amazing to be part of such a supportive group of people who understand what it’s like. Topics range from how to get press, to conference opportunities. I have met some incredible women there!

How does the company source the spaces that receive the Croissant seal of approval?
We want to make sure that on top of having the basics (WiFi, comfy seats, plugs, coffee), that each space also has a strong sense of community. With Croissant, our members aren’t just looking for a table. They are interested in plugging into these communities of startups, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and people that you want to surround yourself with. One of the most unique perks of being a Croissant member is being able to plug into 30+ different communities at your leisure.

How does Croissant build community with its customers and spaces?
On our app, we have a community board where members can post. It’s a great way for members to spread the word about events or anything to their entire Croissant network. We also have an event calendar to encourage members to join in to some of the various events hosted at the coworking spaces (many of which are free!). In the near future, we plan to add more community features on the app, to enable even more interaction!

Freelancers can get their Croissant in NYC, DC and Boston — where will Croissant be available next?
We just expanded to DC and Boston, and we are so super excited about it! We are eyeing other domestic hubs like SF, LA, and Chicago next.. and after that, the world!

Croissant is available on iOS and Android. You can also connect with Croissant via Twitter and Facebook.

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