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***The Thursday Interview is a showcase for creators, innovators, troublemakers,  business owners to share news and insight about the creative impetus and inspirations behind their latest project, launch or business.

Thank you to Museum Hue’s  Monica Montgomery for introducing me to Hashtags Unplugged, an art exhibition paying tribute to 10 memorable hashtags. Exploring the exhibit online made me super curious about Kim Goulbourne,  the woman behind the project.  Here is her Thursday Interview.

Name: Kim Goulbourne, Maker, Designer & Developer

Company: Bourn

Launch Date: November 2015

Current Projects: Founder Mantras, daily mantras, quotes and words to live by for founders by founders; Hashtags Unplugged, an art exhibition paying tribute to 10 memorable hashtags and SendThanksto, a platform for sending thanks to the people in your life.

Motto: I can and I will.

Theme Song: Lose Yourself, Eminem.

Describe the moment when you knew branding and web design spoke to you.
Back in high school I had a group of friends that designed flyers for parties and I always wanted to be a part of that. I think it was around that time I told my mom I wanted to go to college for Graphic Design. Generally I was always interested in art and creative expression but I never knew what medium I would end up choosing until sophomore year of college when I took my first Web Design class. I haven’t looked back since.

What can a company expect when they become a Bourn client?
I enjoy collaborating with young makers/creators and small business owners who are looking to establish a web presence. When they partner with me I strive to create an online experience that embodies their personality, work and core values.

How did you connect with hashtag godfather Chris Messina and artists for the Hashtags Unplugged exhibit?
Finding the artists for the exhibit was simpler than I imagined since there are a few websites dedicated to artists. I submitted a Call For Artists on the NYFA website and Art Slant. I had no idea what kind of responses I would get, if any, but luckily I got quite a few to choose from and they all turned out to be amazing people who created beautiful work.

When it came to contacting Chris Messina I knew it was a long shot but I also knew I would be a fool not to try. I found his email address and sent him a heartfelt email that he responded to more quickly than I expected. It was the perfect match and I was thrilled at his enthusiasm for the project.

What is the best life advice you received from an unlikely source?
“Before you start any new venture, imagine the worst case scenario. Once you get comfortable with that, you can do anything.” – Jena Steinbach of Little House. Not a totally “unlikely” source but this quote came from one of my recent projects, Founder Mantras where I collect quotes from fellow founder and independent creators. It came at a time when it was exactly what I needed to hear to move forward.

No business owner is a solo act.  What are a few resources that you rely on to build your business without getting overwhelmed?
I’m a huge fan of Evernote for my notes, Trello for lists and to-dos, Dropbox, Google Drive and Github for my design, dev and other files. Typeform for quick questionnaires and surveys, Mailchimp for my newsletters and Cloudpeeps for freelance writers.

How can the Thursday Interview community support what you do?
Keep me on my toes and never be afraid to tell me how you feel about my work. Since my studio is still its early stages I rely heavily on the support of friends, family and the community to keep my fire burning.

Thank you, Kim, for being such a fun, insightful  interview.

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