The Week Ahead, October 25: Female Empowerment in the Media, Brooklyn Marketing & Creative Services Lunch, How to Become a B Corp and more

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Inspired by the recent announcement that PS1 MoMA will be free to all New Yorkers for the next year, I took a trip to the museum for the  Greater New York exhibit.  It is a illuminating, thoughtful artistic journey exploring New York’s past, present and future.  I need more time to fully romp through the entire exhibit but I will be returning for Gordon Matta-Clark, Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang and Eckhaus Latta.

On my way from Long Island City to Manhattan, I decided to change up my routine by taking the 7 train to the new Hudson Yards stop.  The new station is CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, although a bit austere in design. Riding up the escalator, I imagined the brain and brawn that went into building this new station and got a little woozy with awe.  But wooziness gave way to surprise as I made my way to leave the station.  Looking up, I saw a ceiling mural that included recreated Atlantic Records vinyl. What the?  From

Xenobia Bailey’s Funktional Vibrations (2014) provides a rare bit of color in the station (↑↓), and adds to a long design tradition of modern architecture looking to craft to add texture to functional spaces. Her two glass mosaic murals, one above the entrance escalators and the other in an oval recessed dome above the mezzanine, features suns, mandalas, and other radiant shapes on a cobalt background. Bailey is a fiber artist, and originally crocheted the design, which was translated into tiles by Miotto Mosaic Art Studio. A third mosaic will be installed in the northern station entrance.

How fabulous to have limitless creativity  wherever we go.  I hope you have a chance to indulge in much creativity in your week ahead.  Enjoy!

How to Become a B Corp – Using Business as a Force for Good
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Writing for Retirees
Brooklyn Marketing & Creative Services Lunch

Female Empowerment in the Media

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