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Happy September, Thursday Interview faithful and newcomers!  Although summer brain lingers, I am happy to kick off the fall season with Denequa Williams & Akenea Dillon, founders of LIT Brooklyn.  Their Interview gave me motivation on a day when I needed it.   I hope you find common ground and inspiration in their story of how LIT came to be.  Enjoy!

Name: Denequa Williams & Akenea Dillon, Founders

Company:  LIT Brooklyn

Launch Date: December 5, 2015

Motto: Keep it lit!

Theme Song: Jay Z- Forever Young

Describe the moment that LIT Brooklyn was born
Akenea Dillon: It was a random Monday morning in October (2014) and Denequa had called me really early. We were having regular conversation about how we can’t wait to be like the women who inspire us. We wanted the freedom and happiness that these women possessed while following their dreams. In mid conversation Denequa was like “Let’s start a business!” I laughed because it was really random but I wasn’t opposed to it. I said what would our business be? She said “Let’s make candles!” It made sense because we both love smell goods and have invested in many different candle brands in the past. I replied “That would be lit!” She asked what would we call it?  My reply: “LIT”.  The rest is history.

What are the most surprising lessons you’ve learned as a new business owner?
AD: Having a business is still relatively fresh as we launched a little under a year ago and since then so much has changed from our initial packaging to our social media content to the scents we come up with. There is always a lesson to be learned.  One lesson that I can think of is that it took trial and error to learn is that simplicity is key. Another one is that sometimes you have to take a step back and take yourself out of the equation. We make candles and while we are making something we love, we want to make sure that our customer loves it too. So I may hate a particular scent but that might be the very scent that our customers are obsessed with. Also don’t doubt your influence. It’s been really humbling to hear people say “I love your candles, I saw it here…” or “such and such gifted it to me.” It never fails to surprise me.

Denaqua Williams: Some of the most surprising lessons that I’ve learned as a new business owner is that you really have to prove yourself for people to either want to work with you, or even support your product. It’s also a common misconception that a lot of new business owners feel that you don’t have to put in the work to see the results. You have to eat, sleep, and breathe your business if you want it to flourish. The passion has to be there.  We live in a time where everyone wants instant gratification without completely and thoroughly understanding the amount of work and time and effort and loss of sleep that goes into running a successful and effective business. Another surprising lesson that I’ve learned is that your relationships with people are going to change. Having a business is like having a baby, and just like a baby, you nurture this business, you give this business your undivided attention, and the people around you who don’t get your vision, won’t understand, and that may cause your relationship to wither. Everyone around you is not going to get your vision and that’s okay because it’s not for them to understand.

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Tell us the LIT Brooklyn process for creating the kind of scent combinations that make me wish my computer screen was scratch and sniff.
DW: When it comes to creating the scents for LIT, that might be the most tedious but fun part of it all. It’s a lot of trial and error. We spend a lot of time experimenting. These scents are intoxicating, they are all reminiscent of something that we love. I love all of the scents that we created, but my ultimate favorite scent thus far is “HOME”, we named it “HOME” because that’s what it reminded us of. The lemony scent with notes of vanilla is to die for.

How did LIT get involved with Curl Fest 2016?
DW: We’ve always been fans of CurlFest, since it launched. We keep up with their events through social media, and when we saw that they were looking for vendors, we reached out and were able to be a part of the epic event. The feedback that we received from everyone who came up to our booth was spectacular. We would definitely do CurlFest again.

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Will LIT candles be available at any pop ups for the upcoming holiday season?
AD: Ideally, we will be a part of a few pop-ups or events for the holidays. We have some things in store for fall and the holiday that we are finalizing right now. (Stay tuned to our social media) I can tell you that you will definitely see us in a few beauty subscription boxes and hopefully a few holiday gift guides. The best part about the holidays is that we get to celebrate LIT’s birthday (December 5th) so an event for that is in the works.

Fast forward a year from now, what news would you like to be sharing with your fans and collaborators?
DW: A year from now, I hope we have become an international brand. I hope to share that LIT has its own store front. I hope to share that we are being carried in major department stores. I hope for us to be featured in magazines that we read. I hope to share that LIT has expanded carrying more than candles.

Shout out time!  This is your opportunity to celebrate the people who have made the LIT launch and journey a joy.  Don’t be shy.
DW: I am happy to celebrate those close to us that keep us going, and that push us to exercise our complete potential. My boyfriend Khiry is stellar, he helps keep me motivated. Every business owner needs that one person in their corner that is there to remind them why they started in the first place. Things are going to get rough, but the most beautiful moments start to unfold right after you cross over that rough patch. Another person in particular is Evanka W., our brand manager, she came on board a few months ago. A close friend to us both, she plays a significant role in our growth as a company. I would also like to thank our customers who have remained loyal to us from the very beginning, we are very gracious to them for supporting us and believing in the product that we created. And overall, just thankful for everyone who supports us in any way possible. Being a new small business, people are often hesitant, but words can’t express my gratitude for the amount of support and love that we receive on a daily.

AD: Thank you to all my family, friends, believers, and yay-sayers for all the support and well wishes. Before the launch, they were the ones to encourage us in the ways we needed and for them, LIT is grateful. For our launch in particular, it wouldn’t have been the dream it was without our friends Marva & Miriam from the space, Ode to Babel where we had our launch party, Eshama John who has blessed us with visuals of our product from time to time, Deasia Rumble, Endeshia Bryan, Gigi Gray, and every amazing person that helped make our launch extra special. Most importantly thank you to all the people that invest in our candles, our customers. Thank you for believing in our product and spreading the love with your friends and family. We couldn’t keep it LIT if it wasn’t for you all.

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web series round up post thursday interview

This is a roundup list of web series created and/or produced by women.  It is not exhaustive (hint: if you have any to add, please share in the comments). I was inspired to create the list because I’m tired of people saying that there needs to be more content produced  by and for women. There is more –  it’s up to the eager and interested to seek it out instead of bemoaning the lack. Watch, comment, support.

**Special thanks to Anne Flournoy  for introducing me to several shows featured on the list.

Executive Producers/Writers Susan Miller & Tina Cesa
Description “An award winning teen drama about a new generation: gay, straight, and ethnically diverse struggling with modern relationships”

The series launched December 2008 and just wrapped its third and final season.  Translation: Automatic add to the Hulu playlist.
Additional Links Facebook, Twitter

Creator/Writer/Animator Leesa Dean
Description “Based on the hit underground comic book and created, written and animated by Leesa Dean, CHILLTOWNTV revolves around the lives and misadventures of three underground hip-hop heads (G, Marv and Plad) straight outta Chlltown, NJ. Added in the mix: G’s wannabe mogul cousin K Deuce and Lele, K Deuce’s girl. Designed, at times, to skewer pop & rap culture, many of the episodes center around the music biz.”  

Profane and hilarious. Start with Worst Internship Ever?!
Additional links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Executive Producer/Writer Denayja Reese
Creator/Writer/Producer/Actor  Courtney Case
Description “CRYING IN PUBLIC is a new web series about coming into your own.”

A new to New York story line is  the creative engine behind the series. Yes, there are oblivious roommates, Craigslist scams and new job weirdness issues but what makes the episodes charming is the relationship between Tobi (the new New Yorker) and Kai (her best friend from home). Their chemistry and connection is believable as they discuss their latest ups and downs.Season Two is expected to launch next month so now is a good time to catch up on season 1. Start with Panty Guy.
Additional links Twitter, Instagram

Creator/Producer/Actor Mhairi Morrison
Producer/Director/Editor Holly Payberg
Description FEATHERS AND TOAST is a show within a show featuring desperate 30something Tallulah Grace who presents herself as an inspirational chef but struggles to pull off anything more ambitious than scrambled eggs.”   

Tallulah Grace is out of her mind and we need to be here for every minute of lunacy.  Start with How to Make a Salad (poor Marge) and How to Make a Banana Sandwich.
Additional links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Creators/Producers Arielle Yoder and Jessica Henderson
Description “GROWING DOWN is a web series that delves into the lives of three young women living in New York City and exploring their feminism.”
A Twitter like introduced the series to me so I had no choice but to watch the series. The friendship chemistry of  Emma (Arielle Yoder), Jackson (Jessica Henderson) and Bridgette (Lauryn Hamel) drew me in. I’m looking forward to more episodes.  Start with Party Talk.
Additional links Facebook, Twitter

Creators/Writers/Directors/Producers Regina Taufen and Anna Christopher
DescriptionLISA’s ADVICE takes us inside the private conversations between two close friends who tell each other everything. It is at first a satire about advice-giving, but underneath is really about how women talk to each other and navigate the hilarious yet very real codes of female friendship.”

There are 14 episodes featuring Lisa’s questionable advice and two new episodes LISA’S BABY’S ADVICE which just won Best Scripted Film at the 100 Words Film Festival. Start with Broke for the Holidays, Seeing in Color and God.

Writer/Director Lily Hayes Kaufman
Description “RARE BIRDS of FASHION is a new comedy about BRENDA (Jackie Zebrowski) an ambitious, stylish, confident and plus sized woman who defies the status quo to launch a plus size fashion line with her best friend ALIX (Haley Rawson).”
The eight episodes of RARE BIRDS juggle friendship loyalty, office politics, parental expectations and more with a light touch. It’s like real life but funnier. Start with Don’t Sell Plus Size and The Average American Woman.

Creator/Writer/Producer Elaine Del Valle
Writer Holie Barker
DescriptionREASONS Y I’M SINGLE is about being SINGLE, OVER 35 and UNDER Fabulous. Joan, Doris and Gina are unlikely friends that met decades ago at BANANA SPLITS summer camp. Banana Splits is a therapy group for kids of divorce.  Now in their 30s and living in NYC the women share experiences and wonder Y they are single.”

The episodes mine every possible dating scenario to full comedic effect. Start with An Open Book and I Tweet Jay Z.
Additional links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Executive Producer  Marion O’Grady
Creator/Writer/Director/Producer Anne Flournoy
Description  “The Louise Log is a comedy web series about the inner life of a NYC woman who happens to be a blocked artist and a raging codependent. She looks okay but listen to her over-active inner voice. Louise is anxious, she’s got resentments. Her crazy expectations alternate with doomsday scenarios. This internet TV show’ll make you feel good … by comparison.”

There are three seasons of Louise to cringe with and enjoy.  Start with episode 30 How to Be a Woman and episode 40 How to Ruin A Hot Date.
Additional links Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

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